If you’ve ever read my books, you might have noticed that I tend to include a strong female character as the lead. This is not by accident. Strong female characters are extremely important to include in our culture, and they are extremely important to me. Here is a list of the reasons I love to write about strong females.

1. If women don’t stick up for themselves, who will? I realize that some men will stand up for a woman, but a man like that isn’t always around. We need to be able to speak up and let others know we won’t be pushed around

2. A good role model is hard to find. Young girls need to have someone to show them it’s okay to be yourself and take control of your life. They need to know that they shouldn’t change who they are to make someone else happy. I strive to send that message in my books.

3. It’s how I was raised. The one constant adult I had in my life was my mother. Growing up, she taught me that we don’t need men to do things for us. Guess who took care of all the handy work in the house. Us. Guess who put took apart and put together the bunk beds every time we moved. Us. Guess who made sure my siblings and I had everything we needed? My mom. It’s because of her that I know how to wield a screwdriver, a hammer, and–when things get hairy and a professional is needed–a phone.

4. To show that women can be strong and be open to love. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean being on your own. It means being your own person even when you’re with someone. It also means letting the person you’re with be their own person, too. My male and female lead characters tend to have a strong relationship that centers around both people understanding who the other is. They help each other, but they do not try to control each other.

One of my favorite moments from GOT
One of my favorite moments from GOT

5. Because I can root for them. When a female character takes control of her story, whether I’m reading a book, or watching a tv show or movie, I get all sorts of excited. For example: Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones (Only watched through season 3, no spoilers, please!) kicks ass! I love her and I love characters like her.

Well, that’s it for now guys! Do you love to read, watch or write about strong female characters? Let me know in the comments below!