Sideshow Superheroes Collection of 26 Flash Fiction Stories

Meet many amazing and talented carnies including a fortune teller, an illusionist, and a contortionist in these stories of triumph and defeat. The magic will take your breath away and spark your imagination. Get an up-close and personal look at some of the characters from Sideshow Superheroes. This collection of 26 flash fiction stories can be read as a standalone that will allow you to dip your toes into the world of these fascinating carnies with superpowers.

Author Note:

This collection was originally released under a slightly different title as part of the Where the Carnies Are series but has since been changed.

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Sideshow Superheroes #1

One minute, I’m walking through a dark field trying to find help as my car has stalled out on the highway. The next, I’m falling into a giant yellow bouncy house, sliding out, and landing on the edge of the largest carnival I’ve ever seen.

Come to find out, I have carny blood and it was my ticket into this hidden kingdom full of people with strange powers and talents. The land is full of twisted surprises and mysterious motives.

Without Alex, the handsome knife thrower who never misses his mark, I’d be lost—or worse. Once I got past the vast collection of knives, I felt at home in his tent. The only problem is he wants me to join him on stage as his target girl for a big festival. I guess I shouldn’t have asked how I could repay him for the food and shelter…

And that’s not even the half of it. I’m stuck here until the new season starts and as rumors of disappearances become more frequent, I worry I’ll never get out.

Being here awakens the magic in my blood that’s been buried my whole life—superpowers and all. The longer I stay, the more powerful I become…and I’m starting to draw attention from people who can’t be trusted. People who may be behind the disappearances of other powerful carnies…

Author Note:

This novel was originally released under the title, Where the Carnies Are.

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