The Mystic Stones Series

The Mystic Stones Series will contain five novels and follow four sets of characters. Each of the first four books tells a different story and the final book will bring them all together for an epic ending to the series.

Obsidian, Moonstone, and Amethyst are available now. There’s also a companion short to Obsidian, titled Ruby available for free.


Mystic Stones Series #1

It turns out the first guy I date in a long time is a vampire. Not just any vampire, but an important one who is determined to help his vampire-run company take over the world.

They’ve already started phase one by taking out all modern technology with a virus that spreads to any device connected to the internet. Of course, they haven’t revealed their identity to the public yet, but my fellow islanders are already panicked as our isolation makes food scarce.

How do I know Psytechs plan before all the other humans of the world? Well, that date I mentioned ended up kidnapping me and attempting to turn me. Before escaping, I learned as much as I could about what they were and how they were taking over.

Their plan: Deprive humans of technology, let us twist in the wind, then force us to give our blood freely in exchange for virus blockers.

My plan: Load up with obsidian, use it to kill the vampires taking over our island, and take the virus blockers by force.

Of course, finding out that I’m not exactly human can mess up any agenda.

Previously released in 2012, now remastered and available for FREE at these retailers:

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A Mystic Stones Jewel (Short Story Companion to Obsidian)

Tom’s obsession with Ava began long before the events of Obsidian.

The client that catches Ava’s eye happens to be a powerful leader of the Psytech corporation. She doesn’t think he’s interested in her other than to poach her from Herrick-Peyton so she can work at Psytech. Little does she know, Tom’s interest in her runs much deeper.

This short story companion to Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1), shows the point-of-view of both characters at a pivotal point in their relationship. This story can be enjoyed before or after reading the novel of Obsidian.

Previously released in 2012, now remastered and available for FREE at these retailers:

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Mystic Stones Series #2

Before Ava Tanner discovered Psytech was behind the satellite virus, a destined meeting took place in a hotel on the American East Coast.

Dorin was just a cursed vampire looking for his next meal. Although his curse meant he needed to get creative with the way he ensnared his victim, Aila easily fell within his crosshairs.

One simple kiss could be the mistake that leads Aila to her grave. Dorin is an exquisite man with taste, charm and a way with words that fall from his perfect lips in a Romanian accent. Her chance meeting with him leads her into a dangerous world, which becomes even more treacherous when she meets Dorin’s devious brother.

When the dust clears, Aila must make a difficult decision which will determine the fate of her relationship with Dorin and the rest of her life.

The dark shadow of Psytech looms in the background of this romantic and daring tale.

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Mystic Stones Series #3

Contrary to popular belief, Psytech didn’t take over the world in a day. Decades of planning, searching and manipulation were needed to pull off the largest technology takedown to ever overcome the earth.

As Psytech closes in on the key to their world domination attempts, a quiet bank teller becomes trapped in the middle of an ancient feud between witches and vampires. Disa is the only one with the knowledge to unlock the Amethyst Idol, an old witch artifact enchanted within an amethyst geode.

Taken hostage and held in a well-guarded mansion, Disa must find a way to break the ancient code her ancestors imposed on the Amethyst Idol. She’s promised her freedom if she can do it, but something tells her the vampires around her can’t be trusted.

The only solace she finds within the cold, white walls is the man who captured her, but his kindness seems to be a trick. He is, after all, the adopted son of the Vampire Emperor and therefore holds the title: Prince of the Vampire Empire.

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Mystic Stones Series #4

An obsidian prison, a vengeful vampire, and a willing hostage.

In 1851, an elegant affair is thrown at an estate in Northern England.

Set to marry a rich collector of exotic animals, Iva is shown the crowned jewel of his collection while attending the ball. After she’s told the creature before her is a vampire who has lived on one drop of blood per day for the last seven years, Iva becomes uneasy. She’s also told that the vampire is too weak to attack, but her visit falls upon the day his plan to escape comes to fruition.

Her life is spared only because she’s able to compose herself long enough to give them a clean getaway. Heath is determined to bring an end to those who imprisoned him and she’s brought along for the ride. As she realizes her whole life has been decided for her up until this point, she refuses to go back home to her true captors–her family.

Emerald is the story that began it all. Every emperor comes to power one way or another. The story of this one involves bloodshed, deception, and romance. A breathtaking tale of the romance that beat the odds and overthrew a tyrant will have you wishing you could root for the bad guys.


Mystic Stones Series #5

In the final chapter of the Mystic Stones Series, Ava, Aila, and Disa join their forces to try to put an end to Pystech’s reign of terror.