Shoes and fashion used to be my world. If you want perspective, I’m talking 40+ pairs of shoes in my closet at one time.

It all started when I was younger and I got my first pair of “heels” at the age of five or so. They were the plastic dress-up kind–you know, the ones inspired by Disney Princesses–but I wore them anywhere my mother would let me.

From there, I acquired as many shoes as I possibly could–and many of them had a heel on them. I’m sure my closet reached capacity at about 50 pairs before I started getting rid of them and buying fewer. I had shoes for every occasion. My favorite kind of shoe is a regular ol’ black heel. I just can’t resist a nice pair of heels in black. They go with EVERYTHING! (Almost.) At one time, I remember having eight different pairs of black heels.

A pair of shoes that used to reside in my closet.
A pair of shoes that used to reside in my closet.

I also love colorful shoes that accent a more neutral outfit. The red beauties you see to the right were my favorite to pair up with a dressy black top and some jeans.

But, many of my beautiful shoes are now long gone.

It was the birth of my first son that did it. My relationship with my shoes fell apart the moment he came into my life. Of course, I tried to hold on. I told myself we were just going through a rough patch and that I would bring them out of the closet and wear them again one day.

You see, it’s just not practical to wear heels while chasing around a little boy–make that two little boys. So I had to get rid of most of them. I still meet up with the few pairs I have left on special occasions, but for now we are just friends.

My love affair with heels may reignite once my kids have grown a little. For now, I keep them in my thoughts and sometimes include them in my books.

Ladies: Do you have a favorite pair of heels?

Guys: What do you think about women wearing heels?