Marketing & Business Management Services

Need help with creating and executing a marketing plan? I can help you plan, build, and automate your marketing so you can focus on clients.

Need someone to help you get your business organized so you can spend less time on admin work and more time on client work? I can help you automate processes and streamline your business in no-time. Check out the services I offer below.

  • Facebook Marketing

    My Facebook marketing services include feed design, graphic design, post copywriting, and insight analyzing.

    This service is $20/hour. For time estimates and more details, please contact me.

  • Instagram Marketing

    My Instagram marketing services include feed design, graphic design, post copywriting, and hashtag management.

    This service is $20/hour. For time estimates and more details, please contact me.

  • Email Marketing

    My email marketing services include campaign template design, graphic design, campaign copywriting, list management, automation setup, and more.

    This service is $25/hour. For time estimates and more details, please contact me.

Custom Airtable Bases

Airtable is a free platform that allows you to organize anything–which is something I absolutely LOVE to do. Over the years, Airtable has transformed the way I do business. Everything I need is all in one place and that is due to the versatility and adaptability of this amazing platform.

As an Airtable expert (self-certified), I can streamline your whole business from Accounting to Zapier and just about everything in between. Imagine a one-stop dashboard for all your lists, data, and processes. Here are some custom bases I can build for you and their prices…

Accounting Base – Includes a simple income and expense set up with categorized expenses and a report page. You can even store your receipts directly on the base. Once I’m done, all you have to do is input the information (or hire me to do it) on a regular basis.

Custom base price: $30

Client Testimonial Base – Have your clients fill out a form that will get them to write AMAZING testimonials for your website. We can have them provide an image, client name, business name, website link and their testimonial. Once they hit submit, you’ve got everything in one place so you can add it to your website, create a social media post, or use it for other marketing purposes. No more sifting through emails to find all the info.

Custom base price: $20

Client Tracker Base – Keep track of tasks, billable hours, invoicing and more. PLUS: With the Airtable Pro plan, ($24/month) you can take it a step further with the ability to create and save your invoices from directly inside the base with ease. Just click, save, and DONE. Airtable fills in the blanks for you.

Custom base price: $50

*Airtable Pro Plan price NOT included. Only necessary for those who want to streamline the process and easily create invoices directly from Airtable.

Editorial Calendar Base – Create and organize social media posts, email campaigns, and more. Everything you need in order to easily create and plan your content can be built into an Airtable base. We’ll make sure it’s easy for you and your team to use so that there’s no bottleneck when it comes to delivering content to your audience.

Custom base price: $60

Project Management Base – Track all your tasks, projects, deadlines, and team member responsibilities in one place. Airtable’s collaborator field makes it possible to assign a task to anyone with access to the base. We can even set up protocols that will alert you when a task is at risk or past due.

Custom base price: $45

YouTube Channel Management

Custom Thumbnail Creation – I will design a template that we use for your videos. Each time you upload a video, I will grab a screenshot and add it to the template and upload the new custom thumbnail.

Custom thumbnail price: $30 setup fee/$5 continuous fee -OR- $60 design fee with delivery of PSD so you can update the template and create the custom thumbnails yourself.

Title/Description/Tags Optimization – I will optimize your titles, descriptions and tags for search engines. This means people will more easily find your content on YouTube. This would be an ongoing service. Any videos that are not performing would be updated to attempt to give them a boost and all new videos would be optimized as well.

Optimization price: $25/hour