Mystic Stones Wallpaper

The third book in the Mystic Stones Series is almost ready. Amethyst (Mystic Stones Series #3) is up for preorder right now and the first two books can be downloaded for only $0.99!

As you may know, Obsidian is free at all retailers. As the first book in the series, it opens up in the future–the year 2020 to be exact. The book follows Ava, a young and naive woman who finds out she’s more powerful than she ever imagined.

The second book, Moonstone, follows Aila in the year 2013.  Aila is destined to come between two vampire brothers and find an immense power of her own along the way.

Moonstone is on sale for only $.99 right now and Obsidian is free.

Grab them both HERE.

On July 18th, Amethyst will be released. This is the book that has kicked my butt for over three years. I scrapped 4 beginnings and countless chapters before I finally finished it. This one follows Disa, a witch who happens to be the key to the Amethyst Idol–a stone that can change the world for better or worse. Her journey has twists and turns that surprised even me.

You can preorder it now at these retailers:

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes&Noble | Kobo

What’s next for the series? 

Later this year, I’ll be releasing Emerald, which follows Iris, a Victorian Era Lady, who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her acting talents prove to be useful to a vengeful vampire on a mission to kill the Vampire Emperor in the year 1852.

Lastly, in early 2017, the final book of the series will be released. Bloodstone is the book where everything comes together. All the players choose a side in the coming war and no one is safe from the temptations of evil.